Mira Amadea Breuer

Stress Management and Personal Development Specialist
and Yoga Teacher

As a young adult, I was a competitive Irish Dancer and attended championships such as European and World Championships. During that time I started to explore Yoga and practised and gained experience in techniques of stress-management such as Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR), autogenic training and breathing exercises. 
As a dancer, I have always been curious and fascinated with body movements and the mind-body connection.

Now I have been an Irish dancer for 20 years and back in 2014 I founded
Rince Na Lisboa Academy of Irish Dance based in Lisbon, Portugal.
I am a certified and registered Irish Dance Teacher (TCRG) with CLRG, registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) with Yoga Alliance.

I advocate positive mental health and wellbeing in dancing, sport or work environment.
Besides my work as a teacher and trainer, I am a very active person and I find my own balance in yoga, hiking, rock climbing and bouldering to connect with nature.

I am passionate about supporting my clients to remember their own true nature and potential and self to build self-confidence, bringing focus, peace and harmony into every part of the daily life to build up a strong resilient mind.

Since 2019 I am an Ambassador for DTCD, an amazing project of Fabíola Borges de Castro. It is a cause supporting dancers both during their performing career and transitioning to life after dance. Bringing awareness to the many challenges that dancers face, from enhancing performance to choosing a suitable career path.

This curiosity of the human body and it's body-mind connection lead me to study Psychology & Business at IUBH - Bad Honnef.
I found my main interest in Sport Psychology and Health, which lead me to study and specialize in Stress-and Burnout Training, Mental Training, Physical Fitness & Life coaching for Athletes with Academy of Sports, Germany.


"My work is my passion and gives me a positive impulsion in my everyday life.  
It leads me to grow with my daily challenges and to reach new goals. The right balance between in work and life is important, especially when you are passionate about what you do "


Registered & Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT-200)

Certified Kids Yoga teacher (95H - CYTT)

Yin Yoga 

Chair Yoga

T.C.R.G. -  certified Irish Dance Teacher with CLRG


Diploma of Arts and Meisterschüler (Master appr.)
Braunschweig University of Arts (HBK) |  2009 - 2013

Business Psychology
IUBH-Int. University Bad Honnef  |  2018 - 2022

Health and Physical Education
Life Coaching | Stress/Burn-out Prevention |  Mental training
Academy of Sports  |  2020-2021