Mindfulness for Dancers and Athletes

As a dancer, you have a short time to reach the highest peak of your career.

We are athletes and as dancers, we are as well artists. Day by day we have to face these physiological and psychological demands.

Being on stage or in a stadium and exposing yourself to the audience or teammates, while working under pressure, being disciplined and motivate yourself in difficult phases day by day. Giving your best.

Those are just some of our numerous challenges on our journey as an athlete or dancer. The time we have is limited due to our physiological limits, that we reach with age.  A healthy and strong mind and body will help an athlete and dancer to achieve their goal on their personal path.

This program is specialized for athletes and dancers by using my expertise, which includes techniques of

  • stress management and reduction
  • mental training
  • injury prevention
  • Yoga Practice to balance the athlete's body and mind

We offer:

  • workshops, seminars and lectures in dance schools or sport organisations
  • regular training
  • individual coaching sessions 

This program is specifically for dancers and athletes, who wish to gain more focus on their performance and resilience.