Vision & Mission

We live in uncertain times.  -A time of transitions and new beginnings.  
More than ever it is now important to bring focus, peace and harmony into every part of our daily lives to build up a strong mind and resilience.

My mission as a trainer and coach is to empower my clients on their personal journey and help them to find the balance.

My story

Everything starts with a situation, an idea and a vision, which will lead you to your mission.
Every story has a beginning. 
Here is mine.

When the lockdown happened in March 2020. I was shocked and I felt paralyzed not knowing where to go and what to do in this situation. In the last few years, I have been working as a dance teacher and I build up my own group & business in Lisbon.
Me and my dancers, we traveled to competitions and had performances during the dance year. It was shocking, that all those plans and goals got cancelled.

After one week in lockdown I started to re-think, how am I going to teach, how can I continue my work without being in the studio? What is my purpose in teaching and what can I take from this situation to change my way of teaching. I restarted Yoga practice before the lockdown. I used to practice Yoga as a competitive dancer and especially when I was injured. The practice of yoga and methods of relaxation techniques helped me in my competitive career to focus and recharge my body. I was able to calm myself down and to bring more awareness of my body and my daily training as a dancer. To add to my story I was a student of Business Psychology. 
In summer 2019, I felt close to a burn-out. I had insomnia, strong back and knee pain and I felt anxious every day. On top of all those symptoms, I just felt overworked and I had no energy. I was pushing myself too hard on my studies in university and the full-time job as a dance teacher. That situation had a deep impact. 
It was kind of asinine, as I was studying Business Psychology and my focus was Stress and Burn-out Prevention. To experience this on my own and to feel, that your body can actually stop you from moving forward was a big life changer.

Since then, I have changed many things in my life and discovered different methods of stress management. At the beginning of 2020, I decided to discover and explore yoga practice in a deeper way. 

Unfortunately, the lockdown happened and all studios were closed, I was unable to continue taking classes. 
I did some classes online, but it didn't really satisfy me and I felt is not enough to get deeper. 
The time had come and I decided to move forward to work towards my yoga teacher certification. 

The reason, why I decided to study Business Psychology was to help and give guidance to people in their personal and career development. I was always interested in Stress management, as it can have a deep impact on your work and development. I took a life coach certification to get this specialization in Stress and Burn-out Prevention & Mental training.  Combining my knowledge & expertise with techniques of Yoga will allow me to guide, support my clients on their personal path, and to overcome difficult challenges when facing stressful situations and phases. 

The lockdown in 2020 was necessary and the next years will be the time of transitions and new beginnings. 
I think this time will transform us to find a new purpose.

It is time to rethink what you do, how your life and it maybe will lead you to do a beautiful restart of new beautiful experiences.

Mira Amadea Breuer

Dance/ Yoga Teacher &
Stress Management & Personal Development Specialist