Available Training in Portugal

Stress management & prevention in work environments

Mindfulness for Athletes and Dancers

The Mindful Movement for children (soon available)

Seminars, workshops, lectures, regular training or individual coaching sessions 
in English, German or Portuguese.

Stress Management & Burn-out Prevention in work environments

It is more and more important for companies to implement preventative measures to reduce stress at the workspace, which may result in a loss of workdays and employees and to raise awareness of mental health. 

Mindfulness for Dancers & Athletes

As athletes or dancers have to face numerous physiological and psychological demands. Being on stage or in a stadium and exposing yourself to the audience or teammates, while working under pressure, being disciplined and motivate yourself in difficult phases day by day. 

Yoga Flow

Weekly Gentle Yoga Flow or Power Flow

Breathe, let go, connect with yourself and find your inner strength with your weekly yoga flow in your favorite style.